Sunday, 7 June 2015

New Report out now: Third Airport will destroy Istanbul?

Download Third Airport Report

"The Third Airport Report is written by the relevant working group of Northern Forests Defense,  a movement that advocates for the protection of the ecologically interconnected and diverse area of Northern Forests extending from Sapanca to Strandzha Mountains consisting of the last forest lands, watersheds, and farm lands along with many endemic plant and animal species.

The report titled '' The Third Airport Project Vis-a-Vis Life, Nature, Environment, People and Law'' lays bare the irrevocable  natural and  environmental damages the project will engender through the destruction of forests, water basins and wetlands and the extinction of flora, fauna,and birds, the fatal picture that even the project’s inadequate EIA reports have failed to disguise.

Another objective of the report is to open the scientific qualities of its EIA reports to questioning.  Serious airworthiness risks stemming from migratory birds, meteorological conditions,landslides  and the  particular terrain of the project area together with  fillings and grades that need to be made for the project are also delineated in the report.

We also want to draw attention not only to the fact that the 3rd Airport project will not be able to be economically efficient under the existing global and local conditions but also to the pillage plans of the firms who undertake the project about the area. Besides, by bringing forward the other projects of the firms who undertake this project that disregard human rights, the right to environment, relevant laws and court decisions completely, we unveil  those who plunder the rich lands of the country, now reaching for Istanbul’s lungs, North Forests with this project.

We would appreciate it very much if you can circulate and share the report.

We are determined to name and shame all responsible actors that support /will support through whatever means this insane project which,as is evident from the report, will destroy Istanbul.

Best/ Cihan "
Email from Cihan Baysal, 24.05.2015

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