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Journals and Texts: Middle East Review of International Affairs

urban studies

turkish studies

new perspectives on turkey Journal of Islamic Studies   texts about Istanbul from Urban Age Conference 2009

Reports: Publications of The International Institute for Environment and Development publications of TÜSEV, third sector foundation of Turkey country reports on civil society development in Turkey

What does Turkey think? (2011)   Report of mercator foundation and others

Global Metro Monitor (2010)

UN AGFE (2009)

UNESCO (2009)

UNESCO (2008)

UNESCO (2006)

OEC Better Life Index

OECD review Istanbul (2010)

OECD review Istanbul (2008)

OECD Bookshop 

LSE Cities Global Metro Monitor

BCG (2010)

UN Human Development Reports  

UN Habitat "State of the World´s Cities 2010/2011" Report

UN World Urbanization Prospects. The 2007 Revision.

"The Challenge of Slums" - UN Gobal Report on Human Settlement 2003 with some 2010 updates

UN Habitat - Global Reports on Human Settelments  

UN Millennium Development Goals Reports

UN Millennium Goals Interactive Map  

Estimated Future Global Population Distribution 2015 

Kent raporu by IMECE (report on urban transformation between 2004 - 2009) - only turkish
3rd bridge report by IMECE - only turkish

Master Card Study on emerging markets (2008)

Dynamics of Urban Change (collected ressources by DPU of UCL, London)


Urban Transformation Laws   law 5366  (in turkish) 2005   law 5393  (in turkish) 2005  law 5998 (in turkish), amendment of article 73 of law 5393 2010  law 2863 (in turkish) 1983 Protection Law

law 5366 (in english) 2005

law 5393 (in english) 2005

law 5393 (in german) amendment of article 73 (2010)

law 5216 (in english) Greater City Law

Laws concerning civil society organisations law 2908 (in turkish) 1983 law 5253 (in turkish) 2004


definition of real right

Statistics: IBM Software that makes city data available (careful)

Turkey´s Statistical Yearbook 2010

Revenues of top 100 US companies (by Fortune Magazine)  OECD Statisitcs f.e. REAL GDP GROWTH RATES OECD Index screening the quality of life in 34 countries  Statistical Data of European Union  Statistical Data of Turkey TR Ministry of Development 

CIA World Fact Book: Turkey

Atlas of Urban Expansion from the Lincoln Institute

The Economist Intelligence Unit

Der Spiegel - Die Welt in Zahlen (the world in numbers) Birthrate map great link list about demography  

oecd factbook 2013 

Maps: Networks of Dispossession   A Way to Find, Look At, Analyze, and Display Civic Data  Map and Aerial images of Istanbul from 1946 up to today   Map of Urban Transformation Projects in Turkey Map of Neigborhoods of Beyoglu District Interactive Map for Fatih District (Microsoft Silverlight needed)

UN Millennium Goals Interactive Map  

Real Estate Platforms: offer of appartments in Maltepe Basibüyük and Narcity offer of appartments in Maltepe Basibüyük

Networks of Cities and Decision Makers: 

Think Tanks:

Research Projects/Institutions about Istanbul:

Changing imaginations of Istanbul Emmy Noether Group at LMU Munich

Earthquake: German Research Centre for Geosciences
Institut für Massivbau und Baustofftechnologie (IMB), Karlsruhe
Institute for statics and dynamics of the Technichal University, Berlin


Net-Map is an interview-based mapping tool that helps people understand, visualize, discuss, and improve situations in which many different actors influence outcomes

Data Visualization:
List of tools to scrape data from the net 
Periodic table of data visualization

great stuff:
population-growth Mapping of the Distribution of Ethnicity in major US American Cities 


Miscellaneous: Names, Telephone and Adresses of all Muhtars of all neighborhoods in Beyoglu