Thursday, 9 January 2014

Networks of Dispossession

Collective data compiling and mapping on the relations of capital and power within urban transformation in Turkey

website showing the distribution of money and
power within urban transformation in Turkey
The map above shows concerning to the website "what other investments do the developers of urban renewal projects have? What kind of partnerships have been established between the government and private developers during these processes of dispossession? To which certain investors have citizens' taxes been transmitted through the redevelopment/privatization of public space? Which corporate owned media outlets are censoring the ecological, economical and social destruction mega projects such as the 3rd airport, 3rd bridge and Ilısu Dam (Hasankeyf) will cause? In this network map,dispossession projects are represented in black circles. The size of the circle represents the value of the project. are represented in blue and directly connected to their projects. The media outlets are represented with their logo and are directly connected to the affiliated corporation. Work related crimes are noted in red next to the project. Supporters of Turkey's Olympic bid are noted in purple and the 13. Istanbul Biennial sponsors are indicated with turquoise colored text. The network map organizes itself by running as a software simulation, where the names naturally find their position on the canvas through connecting forces, revealing the central actors, indirect links, and organic clusters."


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