Tuesday, 18 September 2012

New Turkey wide Demolitions in the Name of Disaster Protection

 http://www.ntvmsnbc.com/id/25380523   text translated and links added by Cihan Baysal

''The Minister of Urban Affairs of Turkey has recently announced that the demolishments will start in October in 30 places simultaneously,  using dynamites in some .

The Minister of Urban Affairs, Bayraktar, declared that the agenda for the implementation of the Law on Areas Under Risk of Disasters has been materialized:
'' We will have a start which is going to cause reverberations. We are starting in October. In 30 or 40 different parts of Turkey, we will have demolishments'', stated Bayraktar. The prior cities will be Istanbul,Ankara,Izmir,Bursa,Kocaeli,Sakarya, Konya,Bolu and Van.

Upon the question of ''Do you experience any difficulty in social support?'', the Minister reflected that '' the people are very willing.We reached a dimension of voluntariness.Without getting tired,we explain to the people that they will be getting rid of their dilapidated  buildings under risk. Those who object to this, those who call it the 'transformation of rent/ profit' should come to me and tell me whom we are providing profit, I am expecting them to come''

Bayraktar stated that engineering studies are being made for demolishments that will take place in at least 30 cities. During the demolishments, alongside demolishing machines,explosion by  dynamite-a technique not familiar in Turkey- will also be used. Tests are being made in order not to cause any disasters via explosion by dynamite.It is notified that this technique will be used in places where the poplation is not dense. The Minister Bayraktar expressed that  because he did not like the word '' demolishment undertaker'' , they are looking for other words to coin the expression.

The financial portrait of demolishments hasn't been substantiated yet. The demolishments will give a start in October via 'ceremonies' and urban transformation is planned to be urgent in the first 2 years and scheduled to be finished in 5 stages in  3-5-7 and 10 year periods''.   

For the Law on Areas under risk of Disasters,please visit:http://direitoamoradia.org/?p=13059&lang=en

For the Minister's question on 'projects for rent/profit',


And the Tarlabasi renewal Project with 100 square meter luxurious offices going for 800.000 dollars while a 5 storey building owned by a resident was expropriated for 761.000 TL ( 423.000 dollars)!.So, the legally owned property is transferred to firms and companies:   

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