Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Turkey - They don’t care where you live | Slum Stories

Filmmaker: Nejla Osseiran
Production: Amnesty International 

text from http://www.slumstories.org/episode/turkey-they-don%E2%80%99t-care-where-you-live
Urban development in Turkey has moved rapidly since 2000. This is when the authorities started work to protect old settlements and cultural heritage, but they didn’t stop there. Residential areas were tackled as well. This makes residents vulnerable to forced eviction and demolition.
The residents of the Ottoman quarter of Tokludede, in Istanbul, were told in 2006 that their quarter would be tackled. They live in fear ever since. To protest against their uncertain situation, they presented a petition to the local council in which they demanded that their right to housing would be respected.
Şehriban İşbeceren lives in Tokludede. She opposes the council’s zoning plans by refusing to sell her house to the council. 'They don’t give us enough money and they force us to leave our houses. We have done nothing wrong.' According to Memiş Karamukoğlu, who lives in the same quarter, the residents of Tokludede have become undesirable persons. 'If you have money, you can live in Turkey. If not, you’re supposed to just go and live somewhere else. They don’t care where you live!'

Yapımcı/Producer: Imre Azem
Yönetmen/Director: Nejla Osseiran
Kurgu/Editing: Mesut Ulutas
Müzik/Music: Ozan Turkyilmaz & Baris yerli
Yapım/Production: Kibrit Film
Süre/Running time: 8 dk/min
Yılı/Year: 2011

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