Monday, 28 February 2011

no pass to demolition

Text from Youtube:

"Istanbul which is the most crowded city of Turkey has very large slums. After the immigration starting from villages to the cities since 1950s, slums which cluster around of industrial basins occurred. These slums increasing covered the considerable part of the city. Once there was neither any transportation nor infrastructure, working people constructed all these slums by themselves. However, these slums are considered as an annuity zone under the international urban transportation project and are wanted to demolition. The Government and local authorities wanted to demolition these houses many times under police and gendarme. Slum people resist to the end and defense their housing rights. BEKSAV Cinema Workshop has recorded demolition events experienced in these slums and resistance against these demolitions for long years. And it talked one to one and interviewed with many people living there. This film is a short document of the slum reality."

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